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July 8 -11, 2016 

Visited Gulfport last weekend, remember when we were stationed there 48 years ago and we thought that it would be the best place to stick an enema into the earth?  Well nothing has changed in that regard.   Now, the base has completely changed, thanks to two hurricanes.  All brick structures and looks like they could withstand a good blow from a storm.

The base is a ghost town. Grass needed cutting and there were more Air Force and Army personnel there than Seabees.  I was embarrassed for the look of the base.  The chief and officer club is open Tuesday thru Thursday 1400 to 1800. (New Navy rules)

My fault for showing up in July, temps were upper 90’s felt like lower 100’s and the humidity was the worst that it can get.  Maybe this contributed to the ghost town appearance of the base.

The plaque wall outside the gate is covered with active duty commands on the base.  I saw no place that plaques of the old battalions were displayed reserve or not.

Over all we were deeply disappointed at the area.  We spent four days there and it was three days too many.


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